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Here at Space on The Bookshelf we take online protection seriously and endeavour to protect all information and keep children safe. This is our Online Protection Policy.


  1. ‘Space on the Bookshelf’ is a UK website, and thus is governed by UK law.
  2. ‘Space on the Bookshelf’ will not pass on any information provided to third parties.
  3. ‘Space on the Bookshelf’ will take all reasonable steps to ensure that date is kept on a secure virtual format. 
  4. ‘Space on the Bookshelf’ will take all reasonable steps to ensure that cookie /e-mail addresses are kept on a secure virtual format. 
  5. ‘Space on the Bookshelf’ accepts no liability for the accuracy of any published content. If you believe something is inaccurate, please contact us at
  6. By Subscribing to Space on the Bookshelf via our 'Follow by e-mail button' you are permitting us to send you e-mail notification of any new blog posts. Space on the Bookshelf uses a Blogger Gadget and therefore neither sees or stores any e-mail address. If you wish to unsubscribe please log on to your blogger profile and un-follow us. Thank you.

Submissions – Authors, Agents and Publishers

If you would like us to review your book, or would like to find out more about us, then please email

Submissions – General Public

  1. ‘Space on the Bookshelf’ welcomes comments on the content published on its website, as well as submissions for new content to publish. All submitted content will be reviewed and, if appropriate, moderated before any publication. We take all reasonable endeavours to make sure that only appropriate submissions are published. 
  2. If you would like to submit your review to us for consideration, please send us the following information: 

            a.      Name of the book
    b.      Your review
    c.       Your name
    d.      Your age
    e.      Your parent’s email address if you are under the age of 18
    f.        Please send this to
  3. Space on the Bookshelf’ does not guarantee that your submission will be included as content for the website. 
  4. If is preferable that all content submitted by persons under the age of 18 should be submitted with parent/guardian consent. 
  5. By sending in a submission to ‘Space on the Bookshelf’ you are providing permission for ‘Space on the Bookshelf’ to modify, adapt, and publish your content on the website. You are also confirming that you are not infringing any copyright, or other law in relation to your submission.
  6. For each published submission, ‘Space on the Bookshelf’ will refer to the submitter as their first name, age,and county only e.g. Jane, Age 8, Buckinghamshire.  No surnames, address or town of identifiable information will be published.


  1. Where a prize is offered, details of how to win the prize will be included as part of the prize offering
  2. ‘Space on the Bookshelf’ reserves the right to withdraw or change the prize offered, and the winning criteria at any time, without any prior notification.
  3. Winners of prizes requiring postage, will be notified via the email address provided with their entry, and further information obtained in order to post the prize to a UK postal address. Any overseas postage will be entirely at ‘Space on the Bookshelf’s discretion.
  4. Any postal address acquired in order to send giveaway or competition prizes will be deleted after two weeks of the prize being postage. 

If you would like to comment on our policy, offer a review, donate a prize, or just be part of our community, please email

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