Friday 7 June 2013

Faerie Tribes the Crystal Mirror - Review

Adult Review

Paula Harrison writes strong female protagonists, she knows how to make her characters so they’re tough and to be reckoned with yet skill keep their femininity. In her series for younger writers the Rescue Princesses the young royal girls learn to be ninjas to save animals from dangers, but they still like the pretty girly things girls like. Faerie Tribes brings yet another feisty female heroin to Paula’s bow. Laney, who on her twelfth birthday gets a bigger present than she ever wished for, as her faerie powers awakens, and she discovers she part of a magical hidden world.

Laney soon discovers than the magic faerie world, visible only to faeries can be dangerous place, with quarrelling tribes, whose superstitions lead them to fear her; the girl who awoke on the night of the Wolf Moon.  When a much feared Shadow Faerie appears in Laney dreams and in reality, it’s up to Laney and her friends to stop him finding the Crystal Mirror the source of the mist tribe’s power.

The Crystal Mirror, is a hidden fantasy world masterpiece set in the modest setting of rural English village, In the same way that Harry Potter and Percy Jackson have worlds that populate the same world as our own but are hidden from human view. Paula’s village of Skellmore is much more than hairdressers, a pet shop and a mini-mart.  When Laney awakens she sees the true Skellmore, where buildings are alive, and dangerous faerie rings threaten to pull those that get to close through to another dimension.  All these elements are expertly crafted, and evoke a real sense of the surreal.

 “She darted a look at the pet shop and nearly fell over. She was expecting a red brick building with rainbow letters over the door that spelled “Lionheart Pet Shop” but instead there was a furry-looking dark brown wall. The shop name was the same, but set in the wall just above it was a gigantic pair of cat’s eyes staring out at everyone.”

Lionheart petshop - by me couldn't help but try and sketch it!
Paula’s introduces many mature themes in Crystal Mirror, like prejudice and intolerance with the quarrelling tribes which are so suspicious of one another, that they cannot see imminent danger. Paula brings these topics down to a level that children can understand, with Laney who belongs to the Mist tribe, becoming friends with Claudia a Graytail  (whose magic is over animals), and Fetcher a Thron (whose magic is sourced from plants) causing much controversy amongst the villagers.  

The Crystal Mirror has dark elements, and mature themes, but is carefully woven with the beauty and wonder, the scene where Laney first gets her wings, is my daughter’s favourite. It is action packed with a satisfying end, but with enough hook that make you want to read book two, The Wildwood Arrow as soon as it hits the shelves. Despite its content, I strongly believe that any open-minded boys that give it a try will enjoy this too.

Child's Review by Beatriz (age 9)

Laney by Beatriz

Laney’s fearie powers awaken on the night of the red moon. But being a new faerie they aren't showing for the test. Laney needs use her powers to find the crystal mirror and stop the sinister shadow fearie before it’s too late.

Faerie Tribes, The Crystal Mirror is a GREAT story with loads of exciting bits. My favourite part is where the shadow faeries plans are working and Laney finds a way to spoil them.

You should read this book because it is such a GREAT book, that you will probably read it in a week, it’s so good.

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