Friday, 28 February 2014

Mini-3D Review Fortunately The Milk by Neil Gaiman

Adult Review

Fortunately the Milk, is a book where you wish you had been a fly on the wall when it was pitched. I believe if anyone else had said, ‘I’m going to write a book about a dad who pop’s out to buy some milk, and there’s going to be dinosaurs, pirates, vampires, rainbow ponies and a space time continuum breach,’ they would have been laughed out the room.  To be fair, who else would have tried? Who else other than Fortunately the Milks, author Neil Gaiman could pull all these elements together to create an exciting, fun, and quirky book?

Fortunately the Milk tells the tale of dad (who has an uncanny resemblance to the author) who pop’s to the shop to buy milk for his children’s breakfast and upon his return explains his delay on being abducted by interior decorating obsessed aliens, then escape in to the hands of bloodthirsty pirates, before becoming sidekick to a Professor Steg, an time travelling dinosaur. The book is simply bonkersly fabulous, and enhanced by Chris Riddle’s beautiful illustrations, they are so good that my seven year old son spent hours (and hours) utterly mesmerised by them, especially the pull out in the centre. 

The thing which makes the story so unique, is that all the elements, (all of which singularly would capture the imagination of a child), are put together in a way that delivers complexity to the readers yet remaining obtainable. It’s a hilarious jaunt through space and time, that trusts the young readers to keep up with the more complex concept, like...

 “what would happen if I touched these two [pints of milk, the same pint, one from actual time and one from fifteen minutes earlier] together?

"If two things that are the same touch… then the whole universe shall end." responds the Volcanoes God.

Of course you’d all expect the Volcanoes Gods answer to be correct; But this is Neil Gaiman so be prepared for something completely different.

Everyone in my family has read the loved this book, son (see review below), my daughter me and my husband. We all LOVE the book. It’s funny for children, amusing for adults, and perfect for the generation of children who have been weaned on Dr Who and Star Wars who have the capacity and thirst for more complex plots to capture their imaginations.

Child's Review - Spike Aged 7

I liked Fortunately the Milk because the Dad is telling the children a brilliant story about him and ProfessorSteg ( a stegosaurs who travels in a hot air balloon-time machine) going backwards in time and seeing all sorts of things as they try to get the milk back for the children’s breakfast. It is really really funny! I love the illustrations because they are very funny too, I like the fold out picture in the middle most of all. I think everyone will like this book.


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