Friday, 2 May 2014

3D review –Looking at the Stars- Jo Cotterill - reviews

I LOVED this triumph of simple, powerful storytelling. It's a story within a story about Amina and Jenna,  two spirited, independent - and very different - sisters. When foreign troops arrive in their country, the excitement of liberation quickly turns sour and events spiral terrifyingly out of control. Yet in spite of the bad things that happen, Amina discovers that her ability to tell stories offers much more than just hope to her family and the people around her. At times sad, it is entirely appropriate for 10+ readers who will be gripped and uplifted with how the sisters survive and craft a hopeful future with the power of stories.

Mark Thornton from Mostly Books

Our children’s-view review is from Katherine Burns from Didcot Girls School, where Jo Cotterill visited on World Book Day. Katherine is already a big fan of Jo’s through the ‘Sweetheart’ series and read the book in a day!

"It’s an absolutely stunning book which can hit hard and make you cry. I know I certainly did! The author’s writing is so creative and powerful in this, that I this is one of the best books that I've ever read. I would definitely recommend it."

We will be interviewing Jo on Monday and asking where the inspiration for such a different book for her came from.

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