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The Booktrust best Book Awards 2014 – Best Fact Book Category – Reviews

Here at Space on The Bookshelf we celebrate all aspects of children’s literature, including non-fiction. Non-fiction isn’t just for the class room, as it is loved by children for leisure reading, some children opting to read almost exclusively non-fiction choosing it above fiction.

There are numerous prizes and awards for fiction, and although there is less for non-fiction, there are some very good awards that celebrate factual book for children, like the Booktrust Best Book Awards, Non-Fiction Prize. Here is a quick round up of the shortlisted titles, along with a comment about each of them from an educational professional.

Operation Ouch, Your Brilliant Body - Dr Chris & Dr Xand (CBBC)

Operation Ouch is a funny factual book, packed with information and knowledge about the human body. The book is in section and has quiz's, and gross out facts, and humorous fact, as well as cartoons of writers/ TV presents/ doctors/twin Dr Chris and Dr Xand.

“Great way of getting information across, in bite sized pieces. Humorous with fun facts, quizzes, good for work on bodies, and getting boy’s interested in reading.”
 Comment by Student Teacher and Teaching Assistant – Kacy Berry

Space in 30 seconds - Clive Gifford

Space in 30 Seconds, does exactly a it says on the tin. taking complexed space theory and condensing it down into digestible chucks using bright diagrams, illustrations diographs. This makes difficult concepts like 'The Big Bang Theory, understandable for children (and adults), and exciting. This combined with it's glossary makes it handy as a dip-into book when researching project. 

“Good size and layout, colourful and concise space facts which make you want to read more. Great research book for space projects, with useful quizzes and fun experiments.”
Comment by Student Teacher and Teaching Assistant – Kacy Berry

How to be a Dinosaur Hunter - Lonely Planet

How to be a Dinosaur Hunter, is packed full of adsorbing facts, D-I-Y guides, like how to build a full size model of a dinosaur, and hint's on how to be a Dinosaur Hunter, and how to survive meteor hits. It's colourful and vibrant with something that will ignite every child's imagination. 

 “Another great research books with facts and information in easy to digest chunks, which is easy and fun to read.”

Comment by Student Teacher and Teaching Assistant – Kacy Berry

The Romans, Gods, Emperors and Dormice - Marcia Williams

The Romans, Gods, Emperors and Dormice, is a exquisitely illustrated introduction to Roman History, narrated by a dormouse and presented in a comic/ graphic novel format. The bright colour and the combining the facts in a bright, a graphic format, makes the read quick and fun. Whereas the story being retold by a dormouse means it read more like a story / fiction, which should appeal to younger and challenged readers. 

“Large, colourful history reference book in a graphic novel format and narrated by a dormouse making it appealing to younger readers. A useful tool for introduction to Roman history.”
Comment by Student Teacher and Teaching Assistant – Kacy Berry

The winners announced on the 2nd of July for the non-fiction as well all the other categories, so good luck to all the shortlisted authors that are up for prizes, and especially to Phil Earl, and Sophia Bennett both of whom have featured on Space on the Bookshelf in the last year! To visit Booktrust Best Book Awards site  press here.

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