Thursday, 20 August 2015

Summer of Children’s Classics - Treasure Island – Skulduggery

This week we’ve been talking pirates, or more specifically the legacy that Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island has left in its wake since it first was published way back in the 1880’s. So now, we look at a more recently published of book inspired by the world and characters of the swashbuckling classic.

Interest Age: 5-8
Reading Age: 6+

Skulduggery is a quirky comic adventure following a boy on his first day at a new school, “Squire Trelawneys School for Young Sea Dogs.’ The enthusiastic ‘sea-pup’ who is dressed in full pirate regalia becomes downhearted to discover that (due to the pressures of the modern education system) that the school is not what he expected, and is just like any other ordinary school.

After a running with two of the school scoundrels ‘Billy Bones’ and ‘Black Dog’, he makes friends with the charming, ‘Short John Silver’ who helps him stash away his treasure chest. Like any good pirate yarn, the treasure disappears and it turns out that John has a sliver tongue and is in fact at pirate captain. As the new sea pup, ‘Ben Gunn’ embarks on an adventure on the high seas to save the school he pounders; can he trust Short John Silver?

Sir Tony Robinson has produced a quirky humorous book for younger readers bringing in the themes and characters of, ‘Robert Louis Stevenson ‘s, Treasure Island. It is a funny age appropriate introduction to the classic for younger readers, which is enhanced by Jamie Smith’s lively illustrations.

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