Friday, 27 November 2015

Alice 150 Anniversary – Alice Tea Party Food

One thing we all know is that food features heavily Wonderland, and that it has magical properties, therefore if you are celebrating Alice’s 150th anniversary at home or in the classroom then food is a key ingredients.

Of course there is the usual and obvious choices; tea,  jam tarts, mushrooms sweets and cakes with  'Eat Me' iced on top, but here are a few easy party foods that can be made easily with children.



So easy to do, buy some rolls, fill them with which ever filling you like, place on a plate twisting around like a caterpillar and use grapes and carrot sticks to make the features.

Suit Sandwiches

Cut with cookie cutters or by hand sliced bread into the shape of the playing card suits, then cover in jam for hearts and diamonds, and either darker jam or Marmite or chocolate spread for spades and clubs. Keep open and they look fantastic.


Mad Hatter's Hats

What you Need:
Jaffa Cakes
Mini Chocolate Rolls
Melted chocolate
Sweet shoe laces

Cut a top off the Chocolate mini-roll, dip it into the melted chocolate and then stick to the top of the Jaffa Cake.  Wait until cooled then cut and wrap the shoe lace around the base of the Choclate Roll like a hat-band.

Playing Card Shortbread

What you Need:
Your favourite shortbread/biscuit recipe.
Apricot Jam
White roll on fondant icing
Red icing pen

Make your favourite shortbread/biscuit recipe cut into rectangles, bake and cool. Cut the icing into rectangles the same size as the biscuits, and fix to the top with apricot jam. Decorate with the cake pen to look like a playing card.

Mock-Turtle Tea Cakes

What You Need
Tea Cakes (the chocolate kind)
Roll out fondant icing in two colours
Icing Pen
Gingerbread Man Cutter

Roll out your fondant icing. Ice the top of the tea-cakes with one colour (for the shell) and trim the edges. Roll out the other colour icing (for the body) and cut out a gingerbread-man shape with an appropriate sized cutter. place the icing-topped tea cake on the gingerbread man cut out, use jam for glue. Decorate the shell with sweets, and use icing pens to make the features of the mock-turtle's face. DON'T Forget this is MOCK-Turtle, so also give me ears!

For Drink

Serve tea or warm squash out of a tea pot in cups and saucers or use bottles labelled, ‘Drink Me'.

'it’s always tea-time, and we’ve no time to wash the things between whiles.’
The Mad-Hatter 

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