Monday, 14 December 2015

Book in Every Stocking Suggestion from Sally Poyton - Toby and Ice Giants by Joe Lillington

Dear Santa,

I hope you are well and that your Christmas preparations are going well. I know that you are busy man, and far too busy to keep up with amazing amount of Children’s books that are published, and so I'm suggesting a stocking filler picture book, for yonder children and older ones with an inquisitive mind.  My suggestion is the beautifully illustrated ‘Toby and the Ice Giants’ by Joe Lillington.

The book tells the charming tale of Joe a young bison living in the Ice Age, who encounters many of the amazing prehistoric animals which roamed the Earth at that time.  In each page he meets another giant of the ice age and next to the story there is a fact file with interesting information about the species, including the Homo Sapiens.  The end of the book has a line-up of all the animals showing their size in relation to modern day children, in addition to glossary and more illustrations of ice age creatures whom Toby didn’t meet on his adventure.

The book is beautiful object in hardback with a tactile cover, and inside it is a feast for the eyes with lovely illustrations, depicting he beasts but making them not-too-scary for young readers.  As I mentioned this is a lovely book for sharing with younger children but is also interesting and can captivate the more independent reader (I know this as my 9 year old son loves it.)

I hope you like my suggestion, and that it may be make some children very hapy to find it in their stocking on Christmas morning.

Have a lovely Christmas.

Festive Cheers


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