Saturday, 2 July 2016

3D Review - A Lottie Lipton Adventure - The Egyptian Enchantment by Dan Metcalf - Adults Review

Adult Review

Have you ever visited a museum and wondered what it’d be like to live there? Imaging what it would feel like, to slide along the polished wooden floors in the empty galleries and see artefacts up-close? Well, wonder no more, this is exactly the life of nine year old Lottie Lipton, who lives with her great Uncle Bert in an apartment with the museum he works at; The British Museum London.

Being Home-educated Lottie spends times doing what she loves: solving puzzles and riddles, and she has proved herself quite the detective in other stories in the series which have seen her outwitting master criminals and finding hidden priceless artefacts.

With the assistance of her Uncle Bert and the museum caretaker Reg, she time and time again outwits the mean museum curator Sir Trevelyan who is constantly scheming to get Uncle Burt sacked form his job and both him and Lottie evicted from the museum. 

In Lottie latest adventure The Egyptian Enchantment, the team strive to control a group of mischievous enchanted Egyptian Shabti Dolls before they destroy the museum and cost Reg his job. Lottie must use all her skills of deduction to solve the puzzles to regain control of the Shabti Dolls, before Sir Trevelyan finally gets his way.

Lottie Lipton adventures always fun packed fast moving adventures penned for younger readers. Dan Metcalf masterfully creates a balance of humour, adventure along with bring in an educational element by including puzzles and riddles for the reader to solve alongside Lottie. The books are further enhanced by vibrant illustration by Rachel Panagarry. 

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