Friday, 3 November 2017

The Polar Bear Explorers' Club by Alex Bell - review

Stella and her adoptive father, Felix, live in a fantasy world of strange, unexplored lands and exotic and wonderful creatures. 

Felix, an explorer, fills their home with stories and unusual animals brought home from his adventures and Stella longs for the chance to go on one of his explorations. She is thrilled when she is approved to officially accompany a dangerous voyage to reach the coldest part of the Icelands.
Stella and three other explorers’ children are on the trip, and even a shared ambition of returning from their mission covered in glory doesn't mask the fact that they don’t get on.

It’s a wonderfully imaginative fantasy adventure story that really rips into action when Stella and the other youngsters get separated from the experienced adult explorers as an ice bridge collapses.
Stella knows their biggest danger is not the ice or the unknown perils, but the fact that they cannot bury their differences.
Can Stella help bring together elf healer Beanie, wolf-whisperer, Shay and grumpy magician, Ethan, into a team that is strong enough to survive both the journey and the tricks of magical creatures?
They encounter unicorns and pygmy dinosaurs, must outsmart frostbite fairies, carnivorous cabbages and ice magic that can freeze the heart, before they can get home.
The non-stop twists in the plot and the inventiveness of the peril make for plenty of thrills and spills, but it’s the forging of the unlikely team into a really strongly bond is will stay with you after you have finished reading the story.
One of my 'Books of 2017' - Nicki Thornton

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