Friday, 15 December 2017

Best of 2017 - Tiny Dinosaurs – Joel Stewart – Review & Story Sack

One of this year best picture books is the fabulous Tiny Dinosaurs by Joel Stewart, which has both dinosaurs and a dog (I do like a book with a dog especially a dachshund!) and in addition to being entertaining with lovely illustrations, it also has lovely message about dealing with change. 

The book is told by Rex. The dog about him and his best friend Daisy who are dinosaur mad. They pair are inseparable and play and read and dress up as dinosaurs all day. But status quo is interrupted by the arrival of some tiny dinosaurs which Daisy is obsessed by.

Felling left out and lonely, Rex leaves home, but everywhere he goes he’s reminded about what he’s lost. Being Best of Friends, Daisy soon comes looking for Rex, and he realises he was not shunned by apprehensive about change, and recollects ever other occasion he’s felt the same way, and reassures himself that it always turns out fine.

Tiny Dinosaur is a lovely gentle story with charming illustrations which reassures children that change is scary but that change is mostly good, given time and the right support – friends, making it truly one of the Best of 2017!

So here is a bit of a bonus – a story sack based on Tiny Dinosaurs…

Quick recap on what a story sack contains…

  • A good quality fiction book, (picture book or novel) 
  • A non-fiction book related to the story and themes in the chosen picture book. 
  • Toys, (ideally a soft toy for younger children). 
  • A game or activity also related to the theme of the chosen fiction book. 
  • Optional worksheet based on the story and themes off the story sack. 


So the fiction book is sorted, so I’ve paired it with the lovely and vibrant ‘I Love Dinosaurs’ which is factual and fun.

Toys & Activity

Obviously soft toys are key, so we have a plush Daisy and Rex, plus some really tiny dinosaurs from Schleich, which comes with their own dinosaur terrain jig-saw puzzle, which doubles as the activity.


For the worksheet I’ve made a simple colour –cut and stick make your own Rex-dinosaur like in the book. 

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