Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Story Sack – The Dinosaur who lost her Voice by Julie Ballard and Francesca Gambatesa

Today’s story sack has been assembled specifically for one of my nephews who is coming up to his third Birthday and is still finding his voice. So for his Birthday, I’ve assembled a story sack based on the recently published picture book penned by Julie Ballard and illustrated by Francesca Gambatesa ‘The Dinosaur who lost her Voice.’

So before we start our post, here is a quick note on what a story sack is, and what it includes…

Story Sack Checklist

  •  A good quality fiction book. (picture book or novel)
  • A non-fiction book related to the story and themes in the chosen picture book.
  • Toys, (ideally a soft toy for younger children).
  • A game or activity also related to the theme of the chosen fiction book.
  • Optional worksheet based on the story and themes off the story sack.

Books - Fiction

The Dinosaur who lost her Voice is a charming positive tale about friendship and overcoming disappointment. The titular dinosaur has a song in her heart and a passion for singing, until one day tragedy strikes and she loses her voice. The dinosaur is sad, and her friends wanting to help her form a choir and sing, creating a cacophony of that is not pleasant to the ears. So the voiceless dinosaur teaches them to sing, until their ensemble is performing harmonious and beautiful songs. Everyone is happy including the dinosaur that lost her voice. 


The book is full of positive messages and themes including friendship, empathy and kindness but also accepting who you are and showing that when adversity derails your dreams you can find other ways to realise them. The Dinosaur who lost her voice is further enchanted by Francesca Gambatesa’s vibrant illustrations both compliment and enrich the heart-warming story. 

Book – Non-Fiction

To accompany the ‘The Dinosaur who lost her Voice’ I’ve chosen two non-fiction titles. One a dinosaur picture book, full of fun facts which are always popular with young children.

The second is a picture book which through its lovely illustration teaches how to use British Sign Language to sign the song ‘5 Little Ducks’ so my nephew can sing in sign.

Soft Toys

For the plush toys, I found a beautiful knitted doppelganger for the Dinosaur who Lost her voice, and a few other dino-teddies to be her friends.


For the toys and activities I’ve included a toy microphone for singing and free-play, and a set of dinosaur puzzles. If you wish to make a story sack based around The Dinosaur who lost her Voice, you can find many puzzles and games that are dinosaur themes for any ability and age range.

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