Thursday, 19 December 2013

Paula Harrison - Book In Every Stocking

Prolific author of the fabulous Rescue Princesses and Faerie Tribes (press here to see our 3D Review) Paula Harrison, has kindly joined our Book in Every Stocking Campaign and recommended a stocking filler book for Santa! 

Paula is devoted to the cause and also supported the campaign last year, Press Here to see her 2012 letter to the big man in red!

Thanks Paula for you on going support of the Book in Every Stocking campaign! Paula's books are also out and would make excellent stocking fillers for any trilly-tom boy (girls who love rough and tumble as long as they can look pretty doing it!)

Please come back and check out the other book stocking filler suggestions!

If you want to join the campaign, please tweet using the hashtag #BookinEveryStocking2013.

Or if you have Stocking suggestion do write a letter to Santa and e-mail it to us at and we'll try and post it on the blog.

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