Monday, 9 December 2013

Robin Stevens - Book In Every Stocking

Today's Book In Every Stocking letter comes from, Robin Stevens. Robin is Editorial Assistant at Orion. Robin's debut novel, Murder Most Unladylike is being published by Random House in spring 2014.

Please come back and check out the the other book stocking filler suggestions!

If you want to join the campaign, please tweet using the hashtag #BookinEveryStocking2013.

Or if you have Stocking suggestion do write a letter to Santa and e-mail it to us at and we'll try and post it on the blog.


  1. I definitely agree, and suggest you read "The Lives of Christopher Chant" afterwards, which is a brilliant prequel about Chrestomanci's childhood which I thought was even better than Charmed Life!

  2. Thanks Nick for stopping by! I think that any Diana Wynne Jones book would make good Stocking fillers, I'd also go for the anime of Howls Moving Castle too!


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