Friday, 7 November 2014

The Fish in the Bathtub by Eoin Colfer - Barrington Stoke Review

In support of National Dyslexia Awareness week, here is another review of one of out favourite Barrington Stoke Titles of the year. Apologies in advance, as it is a Christmas story, (but is November so it is only a tad early!)

Barrington Stoke are fanatically good at working with bestselling authors, the author of The Fish in the Bathtub is no exception as it is the wonderfully talented (can you tell I’m a fan?) Mr ‘Artemis Fowl,’ Eoin Colfer .

The Fish in the Bathtub, is a heart-warming festive yarn which tells the story of eight year old Lucja who is preparing to celebrate Christmas with her Mum and Grandpa, in their humble flat in Warsaw.

The story is crafted to show cultural differences between the Christmas experiences of children who live in different parts of the world. It is the story of Christmas in a communist state, where freedom of choice is restricted and even what you can for your festive dinner is dictated. When Lucja’s Grandpa decides he wants to eat carp for his Christmas Eve meal in a personal stance of defiance, he sources the fish from the black market.

The surprise comes when the carp is delivered in a bucket and still very much alive. The carp quickly becomes a resident in the bathtub in the days before Christmas and the lonely Lucja becomes attached to it as she befriends the fish. As Christmas approached Lucja’s bond with Mister Carp grows and her confidence and happiness blooms. With Grandpa so determined to make a stand, will his love for his granddaughter soften him enough to spare the fish’s life, and stop him from inadvertently imitating the acts of the compressors that he despises so much?

Colfer has told a gentle and compelling tale, which tackles complex issues, yet manages to present them in a way that is obtainable to the young audience. The fish in the Bathtub, is a lovely story with serious themes and positive messages about love and family, getting to the heart of the Christmas spirit. This in combination with the charming illustrations by Peter Baily is a real festive treat.

Tomorrow, we are concluding our Dyslexia Awareness Week posts with a special review and interview and GIVEAWAY. please pop back tomorrow to find out more!

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