Monday, 3 November 2014

The Night Raid by Caroline Lawrence - Barrington Stoke Review

To put our support behind Dyslexia Awareness Week which runs this week (November 3rd to November 9th 2014), during the week we will be posting review of some of our favourite Barrington Stoke releases of the year.  Some reviews will be by one of us Space on the Bookshelf blog authors, some by teaching professionals, and other like today's, are by children.

The Night Raid by Caroline Lawrence 

Interest age : Teen Reading Age: 8

Review by Lucy aged 10

‘They say when someone stabs you it doesn’t hurt. They say it feels like a fist has punched you. That you hardly notice it in the heart of the battle. They were wrong.’
When the famous city Troy came under attack, two boys, Rhy and Nisus, undertook a terrifying night journey to escape their enemies who are burning their home. So begins a fascinating journey filled with danger, suspense, and most of all excitement!

I think that this book will be enjoyed by boys and girls of all ages. It is a great book, and although it is gruesome at times it has an emotional touch which keeps it from being just a story. I also think that, The Night Raid, has a meaning; Best friends always stay together, forever.

The Night Raid, is a historical book, including all kinds of Trojan/ Roman beliefs and weapons – it will help you in History!

In conclusion, The Night Raid is one of the best books ever; pick your copy up as soon as possible!

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