Friday, 31 October 2014

Halloween Review: Witchworld by Emma Fischel review by Bea aged 10

As it's Halloween we present a review of a suitably creepy book full of Witches and Ghouls that totally enthralled it's ten year old reviewer...

 This book is about a Witch child named Flo who has to make her family believe that ghouls do exist, and that there the only family to save the world. But she is not sure how to do it and that if she can’t, how will only her and grandma cope with thousands of ghouls.

I found this book amazing. It has lots of exiting ideas and fabulous descriptions. My favourite character would be grandma always getting cross with people and thinking that she’s right. Grandma is always being bossy and messy. My other favourite character is Hetty she’s also very bossy and likes fashion. The main character in this book is Flo she is stuck to believe whose right about ghouls existing in Witch World, is it her mum or her grandma.

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