Thursday, 18 December 2014

Book in Every Stocking 2014 - Going Home by Cliff McNish suggested by Anita Loughrey

Today's book in Every Stocking suggestion comes from prolific writer Anita Loughrey, who we interviewed back in Autumn about her work for the reluctant readers series Star Struck, press here to read. Anita suggests a book for all dog lovers...

Dear Santa

If you are looking for a fantastic stocking filler this year, you should try the book Going Home by Cliff McNish. A dog may not be for Christmas but this book certainly is. Children who love animals will adore it.

Going Home is about the Happy Paws Dog’s Home where some of the dogs have been labelled ‘no-hopers’ on the ground of their looks, phobias and general behaviour. When the Dog’s Home reviews its policy of never putting a dog down the story takes you on a roller-coaster of emotions. One minute there are tears of laughter. The next you are on the edge of your seat, turning the page, hoping the dogs will find a home of their very own before it is too late.

It will give any child a fairly realistic view of the psyche of a dog and how their needs are more than just a roof over their heads. Not only is the story a real feel-good, tear-jerker but the illustrations by Trish Phillips are adorable and will melt even the hardest of hearts.

Hope you take my advice on this must have Christmas stocking filler. J

Love Anita xxx

We are posting Book in Every Stocking Suggestions all through December so do pop back and see what other authors, illustrators, editors and readers recommends Santa puts in Stockings!

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