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3D Review - My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish – The Fintastic Fish-Sitter - Mo O’Hara & Marek Jagucki - Reviews

Adult Review

Our very first 3D review was the brilliantly barmy laugh-out-loud ‘My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish’ novel (press here to read). Since then Frankie the zombie goldfish has enrapt the imaginations of young readers across the world, even making the prestigious New York Bestsellers list. Now he and his friends are back in their first ever bite sized adventure, with the picture book ‘My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish, The Fintastic Fish-Sitter.’

Mo and Marek have produced an amazing picture book, which both stands up independently as a quality picture book as well as retaining all the elements and magic of the Zombie Goldfish series creating a great companion to the novels.

My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish – The Fintastic Fish-Sitter, has kept the anarchic-humour from the novel. This time, supporting character Sami is in the centre of the action, as Tom and Predeep entrust the care of their resurrected fierce zombie goldfish, Frankie to her. Leaving Sami with strict instructions; don’t look into his eyes or he’ll hypnotise you, feed him only green food, but most importantly keep him away from Tom’s big brother’s vampire kitten, Fang!

Enter the exceeding cute but crafty Fang. No matter how hard Sami tries she can’t keep the pet arch-enemies away from each other, as they fight like cat and dog, no, as they fight like vampire cat and zombie fish.

But Sami proves she is not a girl to be trifled with and the feuding feline and fish end up having their comeuppance.

It is much rarer for a successful novel series to spin off into picture book format than the other way around, but Mo O’Hara and Marek Jagucki have made the transition swimmingly. The story is pacey and funny, keeping true to the feel and humour of the novels, yet simple enough to neatly fit into the more frugal word count. Marek’s illustrations, which are delightful in the novels as greyscale images, are even better realised into full colour, making the story burst with energy.

If you are already a Big Fat Zombie Fan, you’ll love this book, and if you like action and funny stories but have yet to discover the hypnotic power of Frankie and his friends, then I believe The Fintastic Fish-sitter will have you hooked.

Child Review by Spike aged 9

My Big Fat Zombie - The Fintastic Goldfish-Sitter, by Mo O’Hara & Marek Jagucki, is a very good book. It is fun and amazing, I am a fan of the novels, and I really love this picture book. My favourite character is Frankie, and I enjoyed the funny battles he had in the Fintastic Fish-sitter with Fang, the naughty vampire kitten. The illustrations are great, they are bright and colourful and funny. I think children who are fans of My Big Zombie Goldfish and children who like funny animal stories, will love this book.

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