Thursday 23 June 2016

Tommy V Cancer - 3D Review - The Terrible Tale of Melody Doom - Tommy Donbavand – Adults Review

One of the most special things of the children’s writing/blogging community is of being part is being of group of lovely and empathetic people. Whether it’s a tsunami across the other side of the world or an individual writer in need, the writing community gets together to usher support where it is needed. We Space on the Bookshelf are very humbled to be participating in the Tommy V Cancer Blog Tour along with many other lovely and fantastic writing and children’s literature blogs and bloggers, in support of one such writer, the extremely talented and hardworking Tommy Donbavand who is literally fighting for his life.

Initially, I was worried about what SOTB could contribute to the blog tour, and then it was obvious, we would put together a 3D Review of one of Tommy’s books, to promote his fabulous writing, and hopefully inspire you to go out and buy some of his books. As we at SOTB have a particular interest in books for challenged readers, we picked one of Tommy many reluctant reader titles, The Terrible Tale of Melody Doom.

Over the next three day we will be looking at Tommy’s challenger reader book, The Terrible Tale of Melody Doom, form different perspectives; a adults review, a child review, and an interview with his editor Danny Pearson.

Adults Review

Ask any writer and they’ll tell you that picture books are very difficult to write, as with such a frugal word count, EVERY word counts. So writing a book for reluctant readers who find reading challenging due to having a reading age lower than their actual age, and therefor having to deliver an engaging story within a minuscule word count most is no mean feat. This is exactly what Tommy achieves with The Terrible Tale of Melody Doom.

The story is fun and mischievous, bringing humour and empathy to the character of Melody, the daughter of two incarcerated criminal masterminds, Captain Doom and Dame Dread. With both her parents serving life sentences, Melody is placed in the care of the sickly-sweet Soper family and even worse sharing a room with goody-two-shoes Rose-Petal.

But Melody has a plan to free her parents and return with them to life of dastardly endeavours, she just needs some help to put it into motion, and who better to get doing her dirty work, then naive Rose-Petal? Melody and her unwitting accomplish Rose-Petal initiate the plan, but there is one variable that Melody has considered; that the Soper Family can make anything and everything a game, and Melody finds herself being outwitted.

Tommy’s writing has brought a beautifully plotted charming and funny story with a hilarious twist. The book, a Bagder Gems title, is written with easy digestible vocabulary, but also includes a list of the more challenging words at the front of the book, so that the reader has a head-up and knows to expect them. Another great feature of the book is the questions at the end of the story, which means that the story can be discussed, and therefore engaging the reader and encouraging them to think more deeply about the story thereby helping with their comprehension. To further enhance the story, the book is illustrated throughout with full colour vibrant pictures by Peter Richardson.

The Terrible Tale of Melody Doom is a masterfully constructed story which will appeal to middle-grade and early teen readers, but written in an accessible and inviting way. I would recommend this book to any reluctant reads of this age group, or even competent readers who may enjoy a lighter quicker read. Tommy is a great writer and we hope you join us in wishing him a speedy recovery.

Please come back again tomorrow to read a review by twelve year old Bea.

Tommy V Cancer was initially started to create moral support for Tommy and his family in the difficult time, but as his battle has gone on, the reality of being a jobbing writer (like any self-employed professional) has reared its ugly head; income. So if after reading this of any you wish to find out more about Tommy’s battle, or how to support him, visit: Tommy V Cancer.

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