Friday 24 June 2016

Tommy V Cancer - 3D Review - The Terrible Tale of Melody Doom - Tommy Donbavand – Childs Review

Continuing our 3D review of Tommy Donbavand's The Terrible Tale of Melody Doom, as part of the Tommy V Cancer Blog Tour today, with a review from our child reviewer.

Child Review by Bea aged 12

This is a funny, twisting tale that makes you laugh so much you could squirt Melody’s’ parents have been sent to prison, and she thinks it’s her job to break them out. Though there is one problem in her way: Mr and Mrs Sopper and there ‘adorable’ daughter Rose Petal. These characters are crazy, but won’t let Melody see her parents. Also Melody knows she can’t do this alone but there’s only one person that can help and that’s Rose Petal. Thinking that this is all a game, Rose Petal joins the team. But when Melody arrives at the prison the pink princess has betrayed her, and something more terrifying than her own death awaits Melody with open arms…

This book is so funny that you will spit popcorn out your nose (if you are eating it, which i was OUCH!). There is no other book like it, it is very unique. The story is told by Melody’s point of view. The book is written by Tommy Donbavand.

I think this book would be great for anyone who loves a laugh and a bit of trouble!

Tommy V Cancer was initially started to create moral support for Tommy and his family in the difficult time, but as his battle has gone on, the reality of being a jobbing writer (like any self-employed professional) has reared its ugly head; income. So if after reading this of any you wish to find out more about Tommy’s battle, or how to support him, visit:Tommy V Cancer

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