Monday, 12 December 2016

Christmas Gifts (that are not books) for Kids who Love to Read!

 If you’re looking for a Christmas gift for a child who likes to read, and you want something that’s not a book, as sometimes you have no idea which to buy them as they read so much, then here are a few suggestions…

Top Ten Books

This is lovely idea, which is relatively inexpensive and displays the child’s love of reading, as well as having the special personal touch. You simply order your print of their top ten favourite book prints and it is sent out in the post. It is simple and looks stunning on the wall. The only problem getting them to narrow down their favourite book down to only ten!

A Present That Keeps Giving

How about giving a child a gift that continues all year? Well there are a few options, first you can go for a magazine subscription.


For young children who loves stories there is the beautifully illustrated Storytime Magazine which comes monthly and is packed full of fairy tales, folk tales and stories from around the world.

For children who love a bit of excitement and action, try the David Fickling published Phoenix Comic which come out weekly with funny, and all-action comic strips which feature everything from animal antics to space or historical adventures.

If the child in question is more interested in non-fiction, then Aquila could be just the ticket. Published monthly each issue is on a theme and is bursting with facts, stories puzzles about that theme all accompanied with stunning illustrations.

For arty young adults, try Tiny Pencil magazine which explores the art of creating images in graphite.

If book is what you’re after, then try popping into your local independent bookshop, many of which do a service where they’ll send wrapped books throughout the year.

A Way to Keep Books Safe.

Many book loving children love to share their favourite reads with their friends, but are worried about the books not being returned, so how about their own Library kit or book plates?

It none of this catches your fancy than how about the good old staple gift; a good book!

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