Friday, 9 December 2016

Lottie Lipton – Dan Metcalf & Rachelle Panagarry – Christmas Special - Story Stocking!

Over the past few weeks on SOTB we have been exploring and expanding the concept of Story Sacks, and so we thought it very appropriate to develop them further with a festive theme, adapting their format to become a Christmas Stocking (or sack/pillowcase whichever is your preference).

Story Sacks are versatile and share many or the features of a Christmas stocking so with minimal effort can be adjusted to create a fun packed stocking (press here to read our story sack posts). For our example we have picked Dan Metcalf and Rachelle Panagarry’s Lottie Lipton The Curse of Cairo Cat, to be the book we build the Story Stocking around, (press here for a full 3D review and interview with Dan).

In case you’ve missed our Story Sack post here’s a quick tick list of what makes up a good quality story sack.

  • A good quality fiction book. (picture book or novel)
  • A non-fiction book related to the story and themes in the chosen picture book.
  • Toys, (ideally a soft toy for younger children).
  •  A game or activity also related to the theme of the chosen fiction book.
  • Optional worksheet based on the story and themes off the story sack.

Lottie Lipton is an absolute delight for being the basis of a story sack/stocking, as there are so many potential avenues to utilise for the non-fiction and activities sections. For example, Lottie lives in the British Museum, and she is a detective often solving clues and mysteries to save precious historical artefacts. See what I mean LOTS of scope for fun and educational elements for the story stocking/sack.

So in our Story Sack/ Stocking, we have paired Lottie Lipton’s The Curse of Cairo Cat, with two non-fiction books; first is the Usborne Official Detectives Handbook, which is full of lots of useful hints and tips on becoming a sleuth, then we have added the Explore the British Museum; a Family Souvenir Guide, so readers can find out more about Lottie’s home and the backdrop of many of her adventures. 


As for toys, games and actives, we have a lovely plush Lottie and some spyglasses for detective work, we have also included an Eyewitness Mummy Project Pack and a craft tin to make your own Egyptian scroll, so children can get creative and learn about ancient Egypt. And because Lottie loves solving puzzles we’ve added the board game, Picdocku, which can be enjoyed by the whole family after Christmas dinner, and help hone everyone’s puzzle cracking stills!

Of course this is a CHRISTMAS story sack/stocking, so sweets are required, with this mind, and carrying on the Egyptian theme we’ve included chocolate coins for the gold factor and a Toblerone for pyramids! Also one last thing DON’T FORGET THE CRACKER! 

Thanks for dropping by and do come back to read more of our Christmas features.

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