Sunday, 1 December 2013

Dear Santa, Please put a Book in EVERY Stocking....

So Christmas is near and all getting feverishly festive. So Space on the Bookshelf is heading up a campaign, to get Santa to put a book in every stocking! We know Santa and his elves are far too busy preparing for the special day ALL YEAR, and so picking the right book for each child stocking can be difficult for the fella in red and his miniature helpers.

So we are continuing the Book In Every Stocking that started last year (press here to see last years campaign.) by asking authors, illustrators, editors, bloggers and other book-lovers to write to Santa with their recommended stocking book fillers. So head over here when ever you need inspiration for stocking fillers because we have some great suggestions.

The Book in Every Stocking will also be hosted by other book bloggers too, and if you want to join the campaign, please tweet using the hashtag #BookinEveryStocking2013. Or if you have Stocking suggestion do write a letter to Santa and e-mail it to us at and we'll try and post it on the blog.

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