Friday, 8 August 2014

WOW! Graphic Novels, Comics and Magazines - Good Dog Bad Dog – Review - Dave Shelton - Graphic Novel

Dave Shelton the creator of, Good Dog Bad Dog, the graphic Novel publish by David Fickling, has kindly spoken to Space on the Bookshelf about the process of writing, illustrating and creating comics, press here to read. So we also bring you a review of his fantastic Good Dog Bad Dog....

Adult Review

Good Dog Bad Dog, is a beautifully illustrated and well plotted series of mystery adventures set in comic style. The heroes are the ‘Bad Dog’ Detective Bergman who is moody, mean, and a tad inept at times, and ‘Good Dog’ Detective McBoo who is gentle, food loving and clumsy.

The Stories are fast paced and funny, and accessible and enjoyable to all ages, with lots of slapstick humour and ‘who-done-it’ suspense for children. For adult readers there is plenty of parody and cultural references to keep them amused, from Bond and Morse to Agatha Christie and even a dab of Maltese Falcon.

Good Dog Bad Dog, is a bright funny read, with exquisite illustrations, which can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Child Review by Spike aged 8

I like Good Dog Bad Dog. I like that the detectives are dogs. The stories are funny, I really liked the Golden Bone of Alexandria with its tie in to Roman History (sort of).

The pictures are bright and funny.

My favourite character is detective Bergman because he is stern, funny and a bit clumsy, plus he likes hats! I also really liked his arch enemy, Wgh Wgh Johnson, because he was such a good baddy!

I like reading Good Dog Bad Dog, because it has lots of pictures and it’s a quick to read, but mostly because it’s exciting and funny!

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