Wednesday 20 August 2014

WOW! Let’s Celebrate; Comics, Graphic Novels and Magazines! Magazines Top Picks

For this post I wanted to do a best of ‘off the shelf’ magazines, and so scouted around all the supermarkets and newsagents around my local area, only to discover that I couldn't actually see what magazines were on offer as I couldn't see the titles beyond the plastic covering and ‘free gifts’.

However being a determined type of lass, I did find two. One isn’t actually a magazine, but a newspaper but it was the best of the options available, the other I picked up due to the wave of nostalgia that came over me when I spotted it.

Best of the Shelf Magazines

First News

I told you not strictly a magazine, but the newspaper designed specifically for children. In the format of a broadsheet, published weekly, First News brings new to children from around the world but delivering it in an appropriate and accessible way for children. It breaks news down into bike sized chunks, world news helpful set around a map of the world to help children understand where the events are taking place. First News doesn't shy away from the important issues, and brings them to children’s attention in suitable ways but it also brings feel-good stories too, which brings a lovely balance to every issue. It also boast regular features, a healthy book section with author interviews and book reviews by children, puzzles and competition, and a helping of features relating to popular movies and television series. However one of the real strengths of First News is that it is more than a paper having an web-site where you can become a member and read other news that not made the paper and submit your own stories and reviews for consideration, which if not printed may be published on-line.

National Geographic Kids

Here is my second off the shelf pick, and it was the nostalgia that made me look beyond the plastic free gifts that eclipsed the cover. The kids version of the National Geographic sticks to the brand iconic yellow rimmed cover, but isn’t just a child focused version of the original. It does have charming and fact based article about the world, history and animals, this current issue has an article about Orcas, but it has opted for a commercial element with articles about upcoming movies and shows.

Best Subscription Magazine

Some of the best magazines for children are ones that aren’t found on the shelves of supermarkets. These are more feature and content focused not relying on the current blockbuster or plastic toy to attract readers. Also they have the added bounce of not having adverting with them, which for parents is a real plus.

Aquila Magazine

Aquila is a subscription magazine for 8-12 year olds and features articles, puzzles and fun activities that will enrich their general knowledge. It also has a science focus, bring a new science based article with every issue. This magazine is very popular with a lot of boys that I know.

Stew Magazine

Stew Magazine was first published in January, and is a magazine for the curious child, and is aimed for 8-12 year olds. The beautifully designed magazine is published bi-monthly, and brings news, short stories and non-fiction articles all accompanied by exquisite illustrations. However forgive this brief review as (forgive the spoiler) come back next week to read a more in-depth look at this fantastic magazine.

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