Tuesday 26 August 2014

WOW! Let’s Celebrate; Comics, Graphic Novels and Magazines! Stew Magazine 3D Review; Review


Adult Review

Stew for Curious Kids, is a beautiful magazine which is feast for the eyes and mind. The articles are all well written and juxtaposed for exquisite illustrations, and for added plus there are no advertisements anywhere.

There is something here for all interests from short stories to evoke the imagination, or non-fiction articles to satisfy well a child with a curious mind, to activities. The news section and what’s n section had carefully considered content formatted in easily digestible chunks.

All good magazines should have the opportunity for readers to be involved, and Stew had a ‘Readers Pictures Gallery’, plus a ‘Books to Read’ feature, where children can send their book reviews for a chance of being featured and winning a book token.

All in all, Stew, is an exciting magazine, full of quality features all presented in beautiful format. Any child would be very happy to have this land on their door mat every other month.

Child Review By Bea (Aged 10)

The Stew is a great magazine which has some exciting articles which have some unusual answers to some unusual questions such as; have you ever wondered why orchestras have conductors? Or how dogs became our favourite pet? If not then read this latest magazine from Stew! But as well as these questions answers there are some, puzzles, reviews and, topical news and short stories!

My favourite page in this book is the page of…


This page is about a story of some dogs and information on dogs like; Help to hunt, animal graves, dog servants, powerful sniffers.

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