Monday, 16 July 2018

3D Review, ‘Is it a Mermaid?’ by Candy Gourlay and Francesca Chessa – Reviews - Picture Books

Review By Beatriz, (a picture book loving) 14 Year Old Reviewer 

‘Is it a Mermaid?’ is an amazing short story written by Candy Gourlay. After writing several novels, Candy has produced her first short story picture book, aimed for primary school kids. The tale tells of a boy named Benji and his sister Bel, who meet a friendly creature in the sea. The creature says she is a mermaid! However, Benji is sure it’s a Dugong! Bel and Benji set out with the creature to prove their points right. Is it really a mermaid? 

This tale is kind and shares a message of friendship and wonder. Carefully written, the book is wonderful to the end. Accompanied by beautiful drawings by Francesca Chessa, Benji and Bel create a special magic and a lovely story for all to read!

Adult Review by (a picture book and Dugong loving) Adult! 

Is it a Mermaid? Is a fun and charming tale panned by Candy Gourlay and exquisitely illustrated by Francesca Chessa. Set amongst vibrant backdrops the story tells the tale of two children who come across a mysterious, singing sea beast who is convinced she is a mermaid. Of course the children know better, tell their new friend the truth that she is not a mermaid but a sea cow, a dugong.

The creature is upset, but as mermaids are very forgiving, and the children are sorry, soon the threesome, are playing together and having a wonderful time, and it soon becomes apparent that Dugong, Mermaid or Human, it make no difference as friends accept each other for who they are.

Is it a Mermaid? Is a lovely picture book, which explores friendship plus brings a much neglected creature into the heart of this charming tale. Candy’s words along with Francesca’s beautiful imagery has created a delightful book, that is more than it seems, as it sprinkled dugong facts throughout the book and contains a page of dugong information to further peak children’s interest, and highlight the conservation issues that effecting the dugongs habitat. Is it a Mermaid is a truly beautiful book.

Thank you for stopping by, please visit us again this week, as we will be posting an author interview with Candy Gourlay, an illustrator interview with Francesca Chessa, and an article on a Dugong teaching resource too! 

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